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Childrens Food Intolerance 

Our little girl of 4 was complaining a lot about tummy ache and spiky pop (constipation) we tried lots of things to ease it, but it just got worse, ending in GP trips who prescribed lactalose and an a&e trip as she was screaming in pain telling us she had IBS.
I did not want my 4 year old to spend the rest of her life on laxatives or be in that much pain.

We found Anna who came to our house with a teddy to distract 4 year old and listened to us, and put us all at easy with her very friendly way. By the end of the session we had a list of food to cut out of her diet as she was allergic to them. 3 weeks later we had a happy energetic child who is growing well and able to concentrate at school. Thank you x


Food Intolerance Test and CBT Minfulness

I was a person with a weight problem and a leg injury. 

through this experience working with Anna, I have a lost a stone in weight in 7 weeks, I feel more energised and my head is in the right place. It has taught me to enjoy life.


Food Intolerance Test and CBT Mindfulness

Six years ago I was suffering with hypersensitivity to a lot of chemicals and products in make-up, shampoo’s and conditioner’s, air freshers, clothes washing and household products, soap and even simple things like washing up liquid which was making my life miserable as I would come up with huge hard white blisters on my hands, this is known as a contact allergic reaction, which was very painful and if a severe reaction to something unknown I would come out in a rash from head to toe. 

To think that it could not get any worse, after 2 ½ years I started to get bad acid reflux 

But what made me seek out Anna was I was getting more unwell and the medication I was taken was only treating the symptom when it worked, but I wanted to find the cause. 

So I arranged a consultation with Anna and a food allergy test.  Well I was amazed, it turns out I was intolerant to Wheat, Rye, and garlic.  Wow I was so ecstatic and over the moon it made total sense as everything my body was intolerant too I had all that and more in one single meal.  I cannot explain how elated I was, it was like a huge weight off my shoulders to know i wasn’t going mad and feeling like a total hypochondriac ..I just knew there had to be a logical reason. 

After a week of trying to get my head round this intolerance, and avoiding wheat, rye and garlic, I had started to notice some changes

Anna asked me to keep a food diary and  noticed in my diet a lot of sweet products and she asked me to reduce the sugar intake, and within 3 weeks

 WOW is the only word to describe this.. my acid reflux had stopped, that in itself is the most amazing feeling ever, being pain free and not losing three days of my week being so ill, but also my energy was coming back big time.  I was starting to feel fantastic, and was getting back to my normal self.

  I have lost 19lb in weight, my bmi is below normal now, and my swollen midriff and stomach are flat, and I have lost 3 inches off my entire body mass.

I feel on top of the world, all thanks to Anna, who is an amazing caring lovely woman, and I cannot thank her enough. 


CBT Mindfulness ( Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Mindfulness)

I came to Anna desperate for solutions to problems that I felt I couldn't deal with on my own! My relationship breakdown from my children's father meant moving out of our home and into rented accommodation.
I had been scarred by a controlling manipulative man who lead me to believe it was me that was the problem!
My childhood had issues that needed addressing and I didn't feel I had the ability to make changes to myself and my life, on my own.
Anna supported and encouraged me to deal with work, my family, my ex partner and the sale of our previous property.
I was at breaking point with it all!
Once Anna had began to enable me to see that everything I needed was already in me, I just had to allow myself to feel confident. I began dealing with each individual task as it arose and slowly felt confident that I could deal with anything that came my way.
My children have become calmer as a result of me being calmer and more level headed.

I would recommend Anna to anyone who needs that push to break free from learnt behaviour that is holding them back from doing what they need/ want.

Anna is a strong, confident woman who I respect and look at as a role model. She has helped me move forward with my life and achieve goals I never thought possible!
For such a short period of time I've come a long way.

My old property is now sold, children happy, I'm more confident and ready to tackle whatever life throws at me.

I am truly grateful for what Anna has done!

Thank you


Blood pressure and Food Intolerances and Nutrition

I came to see Anna through reBcommendation several months ago as I had problems with high blood pressure and was overweight.

We discussed the issues and did a food intolerance test and I began to omit the foods that I was intoelrant to as well as reviewing my nutrition and changing my diet at the same time.

The result is, I am now 2 stone lighter, no longer have blood pressure issues, and feel better than I have done in years.

I would recommend ame4change to anyone, particularly if you have similar issues to myself, and are determined to make the changes necessary.


CBT Mindfulness - Dealing with some Major Stress Issues

I was recommended to come to Anna and I am so glad I did. I had incurred major stress due to an incident that had recently taken place, and with Anna's support and techniques, I managed to work through them, and no longer live in fear and the emotions that came with it. She is patient, empathetic, and gets to the route of the problem, and has given me coping mechanisms that i can use for life.

Thank you so much.


Food Intolerance Test

Over the last 6mths , I had felt really tired, started to gain weight, and feel bloated on a regular basis. I was recommended to see Anna and after discovering my intolerances, and removing them from my diet, I have more energy, the bloating has disappeared, and I have started to lose weight. i am so glad I went and can well recommend Anna .


CBT -  Dealing with Challenging Issues and Making Positive Permanent Changes 
Anna spent time with me helping me to develop a better understanding of how to use self control techniques for different situations. Her expertise and council have been of great benefit to me and I would not hesitate in recommending her and her personnel services. 


Food Intolerances - Weight Mgt , Stomach pains, and Fatigue

I asked for Anna's assistance because I was suffering from stomach pain and fatigue.

I had the Food Intolerance Test and the results combined with Anna's advice has been wonderful.

So far , I have lost 16lbs and I have so much energy , that I have signed up to take part in a 26 mile hike.

Thankyou Anna

Food Intolerances and Dementia

I called Anna just before Christmas as my husband, who has dementia, was suffering from stomach issues which we thought could have been sue to medication or food.

After Anna informed us of the intolerances and they were removed, the issue stopped within one week, and he is also brighter and more alert. I can really recommend Anna and the services she provides.


Food Intolerance Test and Coughing 

I have had a chronic cough for 7 years which has effected my life both at work and my home life. After numerous investigations through the doctors ENTt they found nothing. A friend recommended Anna to me to test for any food intollerences. 
After one week of finding out I was highly intolerant to Dairy and Yeast and a few others, my cough had disappeared  at present. I feel like a different person already. I have dramatically changed my eating and I will never look back. I feel like me again. Thank-you Anna I cant thank you enough.


CBT Mindfulness and Food Intolerance Test

I saw Anna for a food intolerance test which identified many foods that I was intolerant to. Anna took me through the process and explained what foods I should omit and foods to add to my diet so that my health and nutrition was not impacted. Since my change in diet I have felt more alert, sleeping better, less aches and pains and have lost 5lbs in weight over a month. Thank you Anna for your help and support. 

I have seen Anna for some counselling and support following a long period of time off work. Anna in three weeks took me on a journey of finding my confidence, identity and changing my thought perspective through counselling and mindfullness. Seeing  such a positive change in my recorded responses astounded me. I would thoroughly recommend Anna for support. 


Food Intolerance Test and CRP blood Disorder
Taking the food intolerance test was the best option for me. I had a condition called CRP with a blood score of 98 when it should be between 5~10. Higher the score the more likelihood of a heart attack. The test showed that I was intolerant to cows milk, wheat, cashew nuts and ginger. I now drink soya, wheat free bread, oats and no dairy!

Since cutting out these items my CRP score has now reduced to 10 which I am really pleased with.  I would recommend having this done even as a last result. It definitely worked for me.  Thank you Anna 👍🏻


Food Intolerance Test
Cannot thank Anna enough for her help and advice after taking the food intolerance test.  She explained everything I needed to do to change my eating habits and supplement the things I needed to take out to ensure I still have all the nutrients and vitamins for a healthy diet.  After just one week I have lost 4lbs and feel so much better already.  It is a real motivator to keep it up and make the right food choices now I know what was upsetting my stomach and making me feel so awful.  Anna is easy to talk to and patient too.  Nothing is too much trouble.  Really looking forward to working with her going forward.  I don’t feel like I’m on a diet really, just on a new discovery of different foods and actually enjoying eating as I know it won’t upset my body and make me feel bad.  If you are thinking about taking the test – just do it.  It’s worth every penny.   Lorna

 CBT Mindfulness and Food Intolerance Test  , Burnt Mouth Syndrome 

Having suffered with Burnt Mouth Syndrome for over 6 years and having tried many things to combat it (to no avail) I thought I would see if it was caused by food intolerances.

I arrived at the centre to be met by Anna who is so friendly and approachable she immediately put me at ease. The test involved a small pin prick of blood to be taken and Anna did her "magic". At all times Anna kept me informed of all that was going on. My results confirmed a mild intolerance and Anna explained how I could modify my diet to elimate these food groups from my meal planning.

I decided as I liked Anna so much I would follow up my food intolerance tests with her offer CBT. Anna is very calm and patient with her clients she lets you talk at your own speed and her suggestions on what to do to improve things have really worked for me.

I believe that Anna really understands her clients and she just gets "it".

I would totally recommend Anna.


Food Intolerance Test and severe skin disorder

i was recommended to see Anna and I am so glad I made the appointment. For several years, I had been suffereing with a skin complaint that was so uncomfortable and unbearable. The GP had put me on antihystamines but it was always there. After finding out my intolerances and within 2 weeks , my skin had completely cleared all over my body and I lost 6kgs which was an added bonus. I would recommend Anna and my wife is now booked to have the test done aas well.


Food Intolerance Test - IBS sufferer for 4years
I am feeling so good and much better in my tummy. The test was so quick and helpful i'm so glad I done it. Thank you very much for all your help and advice :) 


Food Intolerance Test and CBT Mindfulness

"Having suffered for approximately 23 years with what had been diagnosed as irritable bowl syndrome back in the 90s after food poisoning it came to the point in my life that I would have tried anything. It was recommended to me to take a Food intolerance test and this is where being introduced to Anna has, and although sounding corny she has changed my life. Anna performed the intolerance test and over several weeks with her advice guidance and a an issue that had plagued my every thought and going out for the day was virtually eradicated over night. I felt an immediate change in how I was feeling and feel that the sky is the limit and I have 23 years to catch up on. I've lost weight and I am happier in myself and that I cannot thank Anna enough. If there's one thing I would tell anybody and that is she will change your life. Thank you Anna."


Food intolerance Test. - Fybromyalgia
Having a food intolerance test has changed the severity in the awful fibromyalgia symptoms, I experience,  as I now realise that some of my symptoms were due to basically poisoning my body.  I can definitely recommend having this simple, quick yet thorough testing as it has changed my life. Thank you Anna Runza


CBT Mindfulness and Food Intolerance Test - The Menopause
Over the last six months following a Food Intolerance Test by Anna I have now lost 5 kilos in all the right places I am over the moon.
I have also practiced mindfulness started off by Anna and having come out of the menopause feel like a new woman.
One of my symptoms was burning mouth and this has also disappeared I think also helped with 3 visits to the hygienist a year 
Thank you Anna your advise and help was well worth paying for.


Food Intolerance Test -
I was anxious about the test as it could possibly change my life for the better after suffering with IBS for over 20 years
I have an intolerance to 6 food items and they are quite common so I've had to rethink the way I eat but after 3 days (where I felt a bit rough) Anna had said it could get worse before better
I have avoided my "bad" foods and I feel fab
No symptoms . I feel thinner and happier that I can now eat without it making me feel dreadful
I would recommend this test to anyone suffering with IBS style symptoms 


Food Intolerance Test and Nutritional Support

Having suffered stomach issues for years after a bout of Nepalese amoebic dysentry,I thought it was a condition for life.
After meeting Anna,undergoing the test and taking and following her advice,stomach issues are now virtually non existent. i have also had the added bonus of losing over 1 stone and feel so much more healthier as I am now pain free.
Thanks Anna,wish I'd done this years ago!

Kim. - CBT Cognitive Behaviour Therapy 

As a result of my sessions with Anna, I have felt a shift in how I approach my goals. I always felt that there was something blocking me from achieving success in my business... turns out it was me ! 

I feel able to move forward with an entirely new mindset which would never happened without Ame4change.

Elaine. - Mindfulness CBT

Working with Anna on changing my thoughts and attitudes about myself and my past to enable me to be in a healthier and happier place now, has been of invaluable help.

Her interest, intelligence, passion  and professionalism is a real tonic and inspiration.

I feel listened to and supported but also challenged to re-think historic belief systems, alter my habits, to aim high and to value myself more.

It has been challenging but also exciting to recognise that changes can occur. Anna's methods have been enlightening. Re-framing old and new processes of thought means that I am learning to take charge and am also able to acknowledge this. I have been stimulated by the intellectual methods and systems.

Anna's energy and belief in me being able to change has been really instrumental in my continuing to work at enjoying now and the thoughts of my future plans.

I leave our sessions having laughed as well as having worked hard.

The 'bite-sized' steps that Anna has helped me create are helping me move forward on a more positive and pro-active journey in my life.

Sam  - Food intolerance Test and CBT Mindfulness - Making Changes 

"Since I have seen Anna and had a Food Intolerance Test and booked some bespoke sessions, I have lost weight and I feel really good. With her help, I have dealt with difficult issues and overcome them. I can't thank Anna enough ." 

Charlotte - Food Intolerance Test and further sessions - IBS and Weight Loss
" Since I had my Food Intolerance Test last week, and omitted the foods that were an issue, I have not suffered with bloating or an upset stomach. It's a miracle. I m now booking further sessions with Anna to work out a nutritional plan to lose weight" 

Nic - Bespoke Well Being Package - Managing the Menopause
" Having suffered with perimenopausal symptoms for a few months I booked a well being package with Anna. It has been rejuvenating by simply following Anna's very simple changes. Following an initial food intolerance test Anna gave me specific foods to avoid with an extensive list of foods to substitute, along with a very simple breathing exercise to do three times per day. Finally looking at foods to include to ensure I was feeding my body with the correct nutrients to help balance my hormones and cope with the changes. I feel transformed with minimal night sweats, more positive mindset as well as more energy and a general sense of balance and well being.'Karen - Worth taking the Food Intolerance Test
I don't have so much joint pain until I found out I was intolerant to dairy and eggs. Now it's all gone. 

Thank you Anna

Anne - Food Intolerance Test. - 
Seeing Anna for a food intolerance test has made an amazing difference to me. I had been experiencing some very distressing tummy symptoms that were having a big impact on my life. I guessed that it may be something I was eating and a friend recommended Anna. 
The testing process is really quick and simple. It showed an intolerance to cows milk. Having removed this from my diet I feel so much better. My tummy has never been so flat! I instantly lost 3lbs and I find it much easier to lose weight than before. 
Food labelling is so good these days it's easy to spot what contains milk and I haven't found it hard to manage at all. 
If you are concerned I would certainly recommend a visit to Anna. It could change your life!

Carole. - Food Intolerance Test 
I can't believe the difference it's made to my life - I am really feeling the benefits and so is my partner and parents who have taken the test. Thankyou.

John .....IBS and Mood. Swings -  Treatment Food Intolerance Test and CBTMindfulness - Skin Issues and depression 

I have been struggling with skin issues due to depression and since having the Food Intolerance Test , my skin is beginning to get better. Working with Anna on my issues has given me a different perception and outlook. Thank you 

Sam - Food Intolerance Test & CBT Mindfulness sessions 

Just brilliant. I had IBS and was off work for 6 weeks. Had the Food Intolerance Test, and bespoke sessions with Anna to resolve issues and change my diet . I ve lost a stone in weight through omitting intolerances and eating healthier ( not dieting) , changed my job and have a much more positive outlook on life. Thank you Anna 

When I contacted ame4change, I was suffering from IBS and severe mood swings which at times caused me to be very angry both at work and at home which ws causing me to feel really depressed.

My initial consultation of 2 hours resulted in a food intolerance test and it was great to get the results within the hour  which established I had an allergy to sesame and wheat and I was advised to cut these foods out of my diet which made a dramatic improvement . We also had an indepth conversation of the issues I was facing and wanted to change.

After further sessions that were a combination of CBT and nutritional information, I was shown techniques that enabled me to be more relaxed, balanced and calm, and less angry as an individual ,which improved both my work and home life. By looking at my diet and focusing on goals we set together, I started to feel better both physically and mentally.

I have continued with the techniques and goals that I set together with ame4change, and now have a much more positive outlook, and feel a lot healthier. Thank you for helping me get to where i wanted to go.

Fedora - Food Intolerances and Depression

The day I met Anna was the best thing that happened to me. Finding out about my intolerance to yeast helped me to get back on track and in tune with my body.   Working with Anna , my thought patterns and habits changed and I am now confident and happy with myself and life. Thank you

Cecilia. - Aching joints and diet

Thank you so much for your help and dietary advice and I am so pleased I took the Food Intolerance Test. My joints no longer ache and I am now mobile as my ankles are no longer swollen and painful.

Natasha - CBT -Urticaria and Anxiousness

My first session with Anna is very different from my sessions now. I walked in very stressed and het up and a brain that never switched off and worried for the sake of worrying. I always had the tv on from morning to night, and had developed a fear of flying.

Anna set me goals to achieve and used a number of CBT techniques, and this has made my life so happy and much better. 
I no longer have the television on all day, and choose what I would like to watch. Anna set me a goal of reading for 6 minutes a day as it helps to reduce stress by 68%, I now love reading and have read several books. I have cut out sugar in my tea, and have a completely different approach to eating chocolate. I have taken up yoga and with the relaxation techniques, have learnt to switch off and relax. I am flying this week and I am looking forward to the journey. My urticaria is now down to a minimum and I have realised that by being more relaxed, this has improved tremendously. I couldnt be happier. 

Sandra - Tiredness and Lethargy - Treatment Food Intolerance and Nutrition

Sandra was concerned about a complete lack of energy, even after a good nights sleep and found it virtually impossible to stay motivated in her career.

After having a 2hour consultation on her diet and lifestyle, and completing a food intolerance test, she discovered that there were several reactive foods, and by deducting them from her diet, and replacing the nutrients they were providing with alternative foods, she noticed a significant change.

" I am so pleased I took steps to discover what was happening to make my body react this way and the results were virtually instantaneous. I feel a different person and have so much more energy."

Sara... Headaches, Migraines  - Food Intolerance Test, CBT

Jayne, a part-time hairdresser, had been told that her persistent headaches were due to hormonal changes after having her daughter. However, after having a discussion and doing a life style analysis, a food intolerance test showed food intolerances which were removed from her diet immediately, and goals were set to reduce stress issues that were a contributory factor.

Sara has not suffered from any headaches for 5 months.

" I feel much healthier and have already recommended ame4change to a friend. from start to finish I found them to be very efficient and helpful."

Angela - Food intolerance Test , CBT

" I am really pleased I decided to take the Food Intolerance Test which has made me much more aware of my diet and what can cause issues. At the same time, I also booked 3 sessions of CBT which have made me feel a lot better an I  and will be booking 3 more sessions, when I return from my holidays in September".

Thank you ame4change.

Bridget - Stress and Negative Thoughts . CBT Mindfulness

" i have taken a course of 3 sessions on CBT and Mindfulness as I had been having a stressful time at both work and at home. this course helped me to understand the power of thought and to change the negative cycles into positives and reduce my stress levels. I now have a different perspective to things and am much more in control of my thoughts and the outcome of my actions and of those of others around me. I feel lighter and happier in my attitudes and more at peace. " 

Amelia - Food Intolerance Test
Amelia is 4yrs old and was frequently being sick and had issues with her skin. Her mother brought her in to see me for a Food Intolerance Test and she was wheat intolerant and within a few weeks, the sickness had stopped, her skin had improved, and she had a lot more energy. She is a very happy little girl and since having the test both her mother and grandmother have been in to see me to take the tests to get the same assistance.

CBT Mindfulness

Rachel Food Intolerance Test and Depression 
"I have been prone to low moods and self esteem and after having a number of sessions with ame4change of CBT, I now feel so much more positive and have been shown coping mechanisms to ensure that I manage my thoughts and my life and have peace of mind. i have made positive changes to enhance my life and feel good about myself for the 1st time in a long time". Thank you



Disclaimer: Holistic Nutrition and CBT does not replace (but compliments) your usual consultations with your medical practitioner, in particular in relation to permanent symptoms requiring medical supervision.

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