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Sam  - Food intolerance Test and CBT Mindfulness - Making Changes 

"Since I have seen Anna and had a Food Intolerance Test and booked some bespoke sessions, I have lost weight and I feel really good. With her help, I have dealt with difficult issues and overcome them. I can't thank Anna enough ." 

Charlotte - Food Intolerance Test and further sessions - IBS and Weight Loss
" Since I had my Food Intolerance Test last week, and omitted the foods that were an issue, I have not suffered with bloating or an upset stomach. It's a miracle. I m now booking further sessions with Anna to work out a nutritional plan to lose weight" 

Nic - Bespoke Well Being Package - Managing the Menopause
" Having suffered with perimenopausal symptoms for a few months I booked a well being package with Anna. It has been rejuvenating by simply following Anna's very simple changes. Following an initial food intolerance test Anna gave me specific foods to avoid with an extensive list of foods to substitute, along with a very simple breathing exercise to do three times per day. Finally looking at foods to include to ensure I was feeding my body with the correct nutrients to help balance my hormones and cope with the changes. I feel transformed with minimal night sweats, more positive mindset as well as more energy and a general sense of balance and well being.'Karen - Worth taking the Food Intolerance Test
I don't have so much joint pain until I found out I was intolerant to dairy and eggs. Now it's all gone. 

Thank you Anna

Anne - Food Intolerance Test. - 
Seeing Anna for a food intolerance test has made an amazing difference to me. I had been experiencing some very distressing tummy symptoms that were having a big impact on my life. I guessed that it may be something I was eating and a friend recommended Anna. 
The testing process is really quick and simple. It showed an intolerance to cows milk. Having removed this from my diet I feel so much better. My tummy has never been so flat! I instantly lost 3lbs and I find it much easier to lose weight than before. 
Food labelling is so good these days it's easy to spot what contains milk and I haven't found it hard to manage at all. 
If you are concerned I would certainly recommend a visit to Anna. It could change your life!

Carole. - Food Intolerance Test 
I can't believe the difference it's made to my life - I am really feeling the benefits and so is my partner and parents who have taken the test. Thankyou.

John .....IBS and Mood. Swings -  Treatment Food Intolerance Test and CBTMindfulness - Skin Issues and depression 

I have been struggling with skin issues due to depression and since having the Food Intolerance Test , my skin is beginning to get better. Working with Anna on my issues has given me a different perception and outlook. Thank you 

Sam - Food Intolerance Test & CBT Mindfulness sessions 

Just brilliant. I had IBS and was off work for 6 weeks. Had the Food Intolerance Test, and bespoke sessions with Anna to resolve issues and change my diet . I ve lost a stone in weight through omitting intolerances and eating healthier ( not dieting) , changed my job and have a much more positive outlook on life. Thank you Anna 

When I contacted ame4change, I was suffering from IBS and severe mood swings which at times caused me to be very angry both at work and at home which ws causing me to feel really depressed.

My initial consultation of 2 hours resulted in a food intolerance test and it was great to get the results within the hour  which established I had an allergy to sesame and wheat and I was advised to cut these foods out of my diet which made a dramatic improvement . We also had an indepth conversation of the issues I was facing and wanted to change.

After further sessions that were a combination of CBT and nutritional information, I was shown techniques that enabled me to be more relaxed, balanced and calm, and less angry as an individual ,which improved both my work and home life. By looking at my diet and focusing on goals we set together, I started to feel better both physically and mentally.

I have continued with the techniques and goals that I set together with ame4change, and now have a much more positive outlook, and feel a lot healthier. Thank you for helping me get to where i wanted to go.

Fedora - Food Intolerances and Depression

The day I met Anna was the best thing that happened to me. Finding out about my intolerance to yeast helped me to get back on track and in tune with my body.   Working with Anna , my thought patterns and habits changed and I am now confident and happy with myself and life. Thank you

Cecilia. - Aching joints and diet

Thank you so much for your help and dietary advice and I am so pleased I took the Food Intolerance Test. My joints no longer ache and I am now mobile as my ankles are no longer swollen and painful.

Natasha - CBT -Urticaria and Anxiousness

My first session with Anna is very different from my sessions now. I walked in very stressed and het up and a brain that never switched off and worried for the sake of worrying. I always had the tv on from morning to night, and had developed a fear of flying.

Anna set me goals to achieve and used a number of CBT techniques, and this has made my life so happy and much better. 
I no longer have the television on all day, and choose what I would like to watch. Anna set me a goal of reading for 6 minutes a day as it helps to reduce stress by 68%, I now love reading and have read several books. I have cut out sugar in my tea, and have a completely different approach to eating chocolate. I have taken up yoga and with the relaxation techniques, have learnt to switch off and relax. I am flying this week and I am looking forward to the journey. My urticaria is now down to a minimum and I have realised that by being more relaxed, this has improved tremendously. I couldnt be happier. 

Sandra - Tiredness and Lethargy - Treatment Food Intolerance and Nutrition

Sandra was concerned about a complete lack of energy, even after a good nights sleep and found it virtually impossible to stay motivated in her career.

After having a 2hour consultation on her diet and lifestyle, and completing a food intolerance test, she discovered that there were several reactive foods, and by deducting them from her diet, and replacing the nutrients they were providing with alternative foods, she noticed a significant change.

" I am so pleased I took steps to discover what was happening to make my body react this way and the results were virtually instantaneous. I feel a different person and have so much more energy."

Sara... Headaches, Migraines  - Food Intolerance Test, CBT

Jayne, a part-time hairdresser, had been told that her persistent headaches were due to hormonal changes after having her daughter. However, after having a discussion and doing a life style analysis, a food intolerance test showed food intolerances which were removed from her diet immediately, and goals were set to reduce stress issues that were a contributory factor.

Sara has not suffered from any headaches for 5 months.

" I feel much healthier and have already recommended ame4change to a friend. from start to finish I found them to be very efficient and helpful."

Angela - Food intolerance Test , CBT

" I am really pleased I decided to take the Food Intolerance Test which has made me much more aware of my diet and what can cause issues. At the same time, I also booked 3 sessions of CBT which have made me feel a lot better an I  and will be booking 3 more sessions, when I return from my holidays in September".

Thank you ame4change.

Bridget - Stress and Negative Thoughts . CBT Mindfulness

" i have taken a course of 3 sessions on CBT and Mindfulness as I had been having a stressful time at both work and at home. this course helped me to understand the power of thought and to change the negative cycles into positives and reduce my stress levels. I now have a different perspective to things and am much more in control of my thoughts and the outcome of my actions and of those of others around me. I feel lighter and happier in my attitudes and more at peace. " 

Amelia - Food Intolerance Test
Amelia is 4yrs old and was frequently being sick and had issues with her skin. Her mother brought her in to see me for a Food Intolerance Test and she was wheat intolerant and within a few weeks, the sickness had stopped, her skin had improved, and she had a lot more energy. She is a very happy little girl and since having the test both her mother and grandmother have been in to see me to take the tests to get the same assistance.

CBT Mindfulness

Rachel Food Intolerance Test and Depression 
"I have been prone to low moods and self esteem and after having a number of sessions with ame4change of CBT, I now feel so much more positive and have been shown coping mechanisms to ensure that I manage my thoughts and my life and have peace of mind. i have made positive changes to enhance my life and feel good about myself for the 1st time in a long time". Thank you



Disclaimer: Holistic Nutrition and CBT does not replace (but compliments) your usual consultations with your medical practitioner, in particular in relation to permanent symptoms requiring medical supervision.

Treatments recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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